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Lily's Kitchen

Lily's Kitchen - Cottage Pie

Lily's Kitchen - Cottage Pie

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This truly delicious dish is a nutritionally complete recipe based on fresh meat, vegetables and fruit and our unique blend of herbs.
Plus, we've added all the essential vitamins and minerals your pet needs for a truly healthy and nutritious diet. Healthy and quality ingredients, without by-products, preservatives and fillers.

Ingredients: 60% freshly prepared beef, potatoes (3%), carrots (3%), apples, green beans, broccoli, minerals, flax seeds.
Plants and herbs: solidago, nettle, aniseed, dog rose, marigold petals, cleavers, algae, alfalfa, milk thistle, dandelion root, burdock root, celery seeds.

Recommended daily rations: Nutritionally complete food for adult dogs from 4 months of age.

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