Terms of service


The general terms and conditions (hereinafter "GTC") apply to all legal transactions concluded via the online shop shop-tah.com (hereinafter "online shop"). The online shop is managed by Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl, based in Manno, Lugano.

Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl reserves the right to modify these GTC at any time. In any case, the valid version of these GTC at the time of purchase is decisive, which cannot be changed unilaterally for this order. The conditions of the customer that oppose or deviate from these GTC will not be accepted.

Deliveries are made exclusively to addresses in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Ordering is very easy with us!
You can send your order directly from the shopping cart and it will be confirmed by email.

All orders will be shipped within 48/72 hours (if everything is available). All prices include the statutory value added tax.

Generally orders placed before 3.00 pm (11 am for Royal Canine) will be processed the following day. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on the following Monday.

For cost reasons (postage, customs) we only deliver goods to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl attaches great importance to maintaining availability and delivery times in the online shop. However, due to production or distribution problems, delays may occur both at Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl itself and from third party suppliers. All information on availability and delivery times are therefore subject to correction and may change at any time.

If the items are not in stock, they will be returned as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to change (or divide) the order quantities if, for cost reasons, a subsequent delivery becomes too expensive.

Conclusion of the sale
The sale ends with the confirmation of the GTC and the placing of the order.

The arrival of an online order is displayed to the customer through an order confirmation automatically generated by Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl to the e-mail address provided by the customer. Receipt of the automatically generated order confirmation does not imply that the product can actually be delivered. It simply shows the customer that the order has arrived in the online shop and that the contract has therefore been concluded.

Delivery date
The products are delivered via the local mail service. The delivery is therefore estimated attwo working days, from Monday to Friday. The customer will be sent an email when the product has been processed.

In-store delivery / collection
With Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl products, customers have access to all delivery and collection options, listed in the online shop under "Delivery options".

The customer's delivery address must be easily accessible in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and by post or truck. Otherwise, the customer will have to bear any additional costs.

If the customer does not accept the ordered products on the agreed or indicated delivery date, Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl may terminate (cancel) the contract and charge the customer the consequent delivery costs and any loss in value.

If the customer chooses the "Collection in store" option, but does not collect the ordered products within 14 calendar days from when the goods are ready for collection, Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl can terminate (cancel) the contract.

Payment options

  • Credit cards
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer

The goods remain the property of Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl until full payment.

In the case of prepaid purchases, the customer is required to pay the invoice amount within 30 calendar days from receipt of delivery without any deduction (discount). In case of partial return of the delivered products, the invoice amount can be reduced accordingly.

Invoice for late payment Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl
If the customer fails to fulfill all or part of his payment obligations, all amounts due by the customer to Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl will be immediately due (in case of advance payment, within 7 calendar days from the 1st reminder), and Ticino Animal Hospital Sagl can immediately claim them and stop further deliveries of products to the customer.

Goods acceptance
If the acceptance of the ordered goods is refused by the customer, he is in default of acceptance and must bear all the costs accrued and incurred.

If a package is not collected or accepted, the buyer will have to pay the shipping costs for the return and the shipping costs for a new delivery of the goods. If you opt out of a new delivery, the actual shipping costs = shipping + return postage will be charged. In addition, a processing fee of CHF 20.00 will be charged.

We provide warranty under the conditions of the manufacturer. In the event of verifiable defects, we may, at our discretion, remedy or provide free replacement of the goods. The right to modification or reduction, as well as to compensation for damages of any kind, is excluded, insofar as the exclusion of such rights does not conflict with mandatory legal provisions.

Shipping fees
Charges differ by distributor.

  • For Royal Canine products, shipments are free throughout the national territory.
  • For Monge and Exclusion products, the costs will be 12CHF up to a weight of 30 kg, then 50CHF.
  • For Lily's Kitchen products, the costs will be 8CHF up to 250CHF of expenditure, then they become free.

Returns of items
Items cannot be exchanged or returned.

Complaints, disputes
Complaints about deliveries of goods or defective goods can be submitted within 7 days of receiving the package.

Limitation of Liability
Claims for damages due to inability to perform, breach of contract, culpa in contrahendo or unlawful acts are excluded against us, as well as against our auxiliaries, unless it is a matter of intentional action or gross negligence. Any liability for consequential damages resulting from the use of the products is excluded.

Customer care
In case of complaints and returns of goods and / or services sold, the customer can contact the online shop / point of sale (Tel: +41 91225 3765 Mail shop@ticinoanimalhospital.ch), who is solely responsible for management and processing.